Baptism is one of the most important and significant occasions on our spiritual journey.

It marks the entry of a person into the Christian faith, into the world-wide family of the Saviour, Jesus Christ. We are also brought into a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ our Lord. Baptism is Christ’s gift.

It is the sign by which the Spirit of God joins people to Jesus Christ and incorporates them into his body, the Church. The whole of our Christian life thereafter should be a living out of our baptism or a living into the ‘true, full and eternal life in which Jesus Christ unites God and humanity’.

In seeking baptism at Trinity Uniting Church in Brighton it is assumed that you already have a connection with this Church, are members here, or intend to become one. Baptisms are normally conducted in the church of the congregation near to where you live. The decision to baptise a person, adult or child is made by the Elders and Church Council of that congregation. It is possible for your child to be baptised here if you live some distance away from Brighton if there is the prior agreement of the Church Council of the congregation which you plan to attend.

Baptism requires a commitment on the part of adults (in the case of the baptism of infants) that they will answer in the name of their child. The questions which we ask the parents are as follows:

  • Will you encourage your child’s growth within the Christian community, guiding him/her through participation in worship, nurture and fellowship of the Church to a mature Christian faith?

  • Will you by word and example, teach him/her the way of Christ until the Spirit draws him/her to make his/her own response in faith and love?

The Way Ahead

You may feel that you are not able to answer ‘yes’ to these questions as yet. If this is the case the Church provides a service of Thanksgiving for a Child, and the Minister will be happy to discuss this service for your child.

Baptism does not make us ‘Uniting Church’. We are not baptized into a denomination or a building. We are baptized into Christ; and into his death and resurrection, into a living relationship which we seek to live out through our life’s journey. The ‘where’ we do that is the denominational question, to which faith community we link ourselves. We would warmly welcome you to Trinity as your community of faith.


Godparents are not required to be part of the Baptism Service. However if you particularly wish to nominate Godparents then it should be because you wish them to be able to be a Christian influence for your child, therefore it is only sensible for them to be regular worshippers in a Christian Church somewhere, not necessarily of the Uniting Church.

The Baptism Service

The Baptism will normally be conducted during the main 10am Sunday Service when the faith community is present and able to welcome you and support you and your child in this significant moment.


The Minister welcomes the opportunity to discuss baptism with you. We welcome your coming to Trinity for baptism, and we seek to make it a joyful and happy occasion for you and your family and friends. If we can assist in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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